optishot golf simulator, optishot 2, optishot reviews

Optishot 2. Now only 299.95

​Free Thick Top and 3 Free Courses

optishot golf simulator, optishot 2, optishot reviews



 The optishot 2 sensor uses 16 infared optical sensors to measure the clubhead. The optishot sensors do not measure the ball at all. The club is measured going back and through the ball. There is a rubber tee insert between the rows of sensors on the optishot. A velcro applied turf top is attached to the top of the optishot sensor. The great thing about the optishot is that you can use real ball, rubber balls or no balls at all!. So if you want to use the optishot in your family room, you do not need to worry about hitting real balls. The optishot sensors will give you the same clubhead data regardless of what ball you use.

Unlike other golf simulators, the optishot golf simulator does not require tape on your clubs. With that said, optishot works best with smooth metallic surfaces. Most irons work great with optishot. The issue of the new high tech drivers with plates, dials, screws on the sole can provide false readings on the optishot sensors. Its best to use a older flat bottomed metallic driver like an old Big Bertha. The optishot sensors like the smooth metallic bottom of these clubs.


The optishot sensor plugs into your desktop or laptop with a simple USB plug.  The graphics of the optishot are either sent to your computer monitor/TV or to a projector that projects the image onto an impact screen. Most computer hookups are with a VGA cable or HDMI cable. 


The optishot golf software is extemely easy to use and setup. Optishot works off of one simple program. With optishot software, you just choose whether to play or practice, setup your players, pick your course, tee boxes and putting options and you are all set to go. Most golfers can perfect the optishot software in 2-3 rounds. Its important to turn off any automatic updates on your computer, as this can cause the optishot game to freeze.


Optishot Golf Simulator Setup


It is important to keep the sensors on the optishot clean and free of debris. Use a can of computer compressed air to clean optishot sensors. Trim the turf that might overhang over the sensors. Eliminate any direct light that might shine on the optishot sensors. 


Optishot mat


The optishot sensor sits up about 1 3/8 in high. Its important to have a  optishot mat that the sensor sits into . This optishot mat will hold the optishot into place and allow you to stand level with the optishot sensor. The optishot mat can be setup for RH only, LH only or RH/LH. With RH/LH, a 15 foot wide optishot setup is ideal. The optishot mat on this golf simulator setup is 10 x 5. Another way to setup the optishot mat for RH/LH is to have an optishot on both sides of a stance mat .

Optishot Golf Simulator Technology