optishot golf simulator, optishot 2, optishot reviews
optishot golf simulator, optishot 2, optishot reviews

Optishot Golf  Portable Simulator 
Comes with 5 x 5 mat with optishot cutout, optishot mat/software and portable hitting net.


Optishot Deluxe Golf Simulator
Comes with 10 x 10 x 10 cage, net, 110 x 96 impact screen, optishot mat, optishot and software. 


Optishot Deluxe Home Golf Simulator
Comes with 10 x 9 x 14 in screen frame,optishot mat, golf impact screen, optishot  and software.


Optishot Ultimate Golf Package
Comes with everything you need to setup a optishot golf simulator. Comes with projector, computer, cables and mounts. Custom sizes available.Our most popular optishot golf package.  

Optishot Ultimate Home Golf Simulator

Same as the Optishot deluxe home package but includes all electronics. Optional side curtains available .

Optishot golf features:

  • Optishot has 16 optical sensors for optimum accuracy
  • User friendly optishot software with 12 courses
  • Full range of options with optishot. tee boxes, weather, practice, and clubs
  • Optishot just plugs into your computer with USB port
  • Use your own clubs and real balls with Optishot!
  • Replaceable turf on the optishot mat
  • Up to 4 players and 4 different tee boxes including par 3.

Optishot Simulator

Optishot  Simulator Packages

Optishot 2  golf simulators work 2 different ways. One is the portable optishot golf simulator system which features the optishot sensor, optishot mat  ( 5 x 5) and an portable optishot net. The optishot sensor is hooked up to a computer which is hooked up to a TV/Monitor. You hit the ball off of the optishot mat into the empty net and then watch it on your TV/monitor. This optishot setup is great for someone with limited space and needs a golf simulator thats easily movable. The ultimate optishot golf simulator setup requires a projector, and a large impact screen. With this optishot simulator, you hit the ball off of the optishot mat into a 140-180 inch screen that has the optsihot image on it . The image is projected from a projector that is mounted 10-16 ft from the impact screen. The second you hit the ball, you will see it going down the fairway. This optishot simulator can double as a home theater. 


Optishot Golf Simulators