Optishot Golf Simulator- An Overview.

Spectrum Golf has been selling the Optishot Golf Simulator for the past 8 years. We have played 100s of rounds on the  optishot golf simulator over the years and no one is more qualified to give you an honest unbiased  opinion of the optishot golf simulator. 

The optishot golf simulator is a 16 sensor hitting mat that tracks the club away  from the ball and thru the ball. The base is made from a hardened plastic and is extremely durable. In 8 years we have had less than 6  optishot golf sensors damaged. The optishot golf simulator has a row of sensors behind the ball and a row of sensors in front of the ball. The ball is placed in between the row of sensors. The optishot golf simulator has a thin carpet like turf top on top. We have an aftermarket thicker turf top that is a "must have" with any optishot golf simulator. This will save your wrists on hitting down on the ball. 

The optishot golf simulator simply plugs into your computer thru a usb cable. About as simple as hooking up a keyboard. The optishot golf simulator is a entry level golf simulator that retails for around 300 dollars. It border lines between a swing and teaching aid and a high tech video game. On the plus side, the optishot golf simulator will show hooks, slices, draws and fades. It is fairly accurate on clubhead speed and distance. Typically, indoor golf simulators are a little shorter than playing outside. The optishot golf simulator might show 140 on a 7 iron, when you may hit it 150 outside.  If you swing outside in and leave the face open, the optishot golf simulator will show that. The  optishot golf simulator has a great driving range and practice area with 6 target. You can work on everything from a 20 yd pitch to a 250 yd drive. The optishot golf simulator also lets you practice on any course. So you can drop a ball in the middle of any fairway and hit as many shots as you want from that spot. 

On the downside of the optishot golf simulator is you will get the occasional misread.  You might shank one and it goes perfectly down the middle or you might hit one straight and it slices into the woods. If this happens, jut hit the mulligan button and swing again. 
Another minor quirk with the optishot golf simulator is you might get some misreads on the newer woods and drivers. The newer drivers have all of these plates, contours, and screws on the bottom that can mess with the optishot sensors. If you have a older driver with a flat metallic bottom, they work best or some have put a piece of black tape on bottom of driver. 

 Optishot Golf Simulator Software

Optishot golf simulator software is downloaded on line and sets up in minutes. The graphics are very good, game play is dynamic and they is some audio of birds chirping. Optishot does a great job of replicating some of the worlds greatest courses. You get a variety of turf, trees, sand, lakes, vegetation. The golf courses are extremely realistic.
Optishot golf simulator comes with 15 courses and the 6 target driving range. Additional
optishot courses can be purchased. 

 Optishot golf simulator software has dynamic ball flight and game play. Once you hit your shot, the camera will follow your ball down the fairway just like if you were watching golf on TV. On the Optishot golf simulator, the ball will hook, fade, bounce, hit the water, bounce off of a tree and roll out just like on TV. The Optishot golf simulator has extremely realistic game play and great graphics. Nothing is better than watching your ball go down the fairway on a 140 inch diagonal golf impact screen with your Optishot golf simulator.

Optishot Golf Simulator Conclusion.

The Optishot golf simulator is the best value in the golf simulator market. If you a PGA pro giving lesson, the optishot is not for you, if you are working on how your ball reacts to your swing, the optishot is not for you. If you want some great swing feedback, a variey of optishot golf courses to play and some entertainment with your golfing buddies, the Optishot golf simulator is for you.

Stay tune next time as we look at how to build your perfect Optishot golf simulator.