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Optishot golf simulators are the best value in home golf simulators. Optishot feature stunning graphics, smooth gameplay and a wide variety of options to make optishot the leader in the home golf simulator market. With optishot's state-of-the-art technology , every shot provides complete swing data to help you improve your game. Optishot has a great collection of some of the worlds greatest and most famous courses. With optishot, you can select weather condition, green speed, tee boxes and putting options to make your home golf simulator as realistic as playing outside. Find out how optishot can make your winters a complete golf experience.


Optishot golf simulators come in a variety of golf simulator packages. The optishot simulator can be used with a TV/Monitor or in a complete optishot golf simulator setup with projector and impact screen. With any optishot system, its recommended you use  a optishot mat to hold the optishot sensor in place and to be able to stand level with the optishot sensor. The optishot mat can be RH only or RH/LH setup. Full optishot golf simulators are 10 x 10 x 10, 10 x 12 x 10 and 10 x 15 x10. We can even custom design an optishot golf simulator to meet your exact requirements. Complete optishot golf simulators start at 699.


The reviews are in and Optishot golf is the number 1 golf simulator on the market today. The optishot golf simulator retails for an amazing 399. With optishot, you get the sensor pad with turf, cables, balls, rubber tee and software with  driving range and 12 optishot golf courses. No other golf simulator comes close. With each shot on the optishot, swing speed, club path, distance, face contact, face angle and tempo are provided. With optishot you can practice on the optishot driving range or on any of the great optishot golf courses. Optishot also has premium courses available. Learn more about how optishot can improve your game.


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